Pioneering climate-smart horticulture

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Since our grand opening in October 2022 the HortiDemoCentre has emerged as a hub for innovative horticultural technology and sustainable farming practices and has captivated local and international audiences, showcasing resource-efficient production techniques with great success. We are dedicated to advancing climate-smart horticulture and through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, the centre showcases future fit Dutch horticultural technology and provides a platform for teaching and training in innovative cropping systems to support future food security. Our mission is to empower stakeholders with the knowledge and tools necessary for profitable, productive, sustainable, and climate-smart agronomy.

With this in mind, we are so excited to announce the launch of a diverse range of climate-smart training opportunities open to the public, set to commence in July 2023. With all industry leader consortium partners collaborating, we offer a comprehensive blend of knowledge and cutting-edge technology spanning the entire horticultural value chain.

You can expect a curated selection of short courses designed to cater to the needs of students, emerging and commercial farmers, and extension workers. Delving into crucial topics such as Crop Production, Greenhouse Management, and Business Skills for Horticulture, our courses will empower attendees with practical skills and insights that will propel your horticultural ventures to new heights. Our target groups for the short courses include commercial and emerging farmers, students, agronomists, researchers, local government, and extension services, as well as value chain actors such as buyers and retailers. Joining our esteemed network offers invaluable opportunities for collaboration and networking, allowing you to amplify your impact within the horticultural landscape.

We invite you to embark on a journey of growth and innovation. Enrol in our climate-smart training opportunities and unlock the full potential of your horticultural endeavours. Together, we will shape a future where sustainable practices and technological advancements harmoniously coexist, cultivating prosperity at every step. Come grow with us!

Course dates set for July and August. Dates for courses from August to November to be announced soon:

  • Basics of Financial Management – 10 – 14 July
  • Tomato production – 24 July
  • Greenhouse Management – Hygiene – 25 July
  • Crop rotation – 25 July
  • Crop strategy – When to plant and harvest – 25 July
  • Cultivation system – Type of trellising – 26 July
  • Crop Management – Twisting and pruning – 26 July
  • Greenhouse management – Climate control – 3 August
  • Fertigation – Irrigation management and nutrition management – 17 August
  • Post harvest management – 25 August
  • Global gap certification – 25 August
  • Greenhouse design and construction – 31 August

For more information and to register for the courses, please visit:

Our first farmers’ field day!

On Friday 5th May and Saturday 6th May we had our first Farmers’ Field Days. It was a joy to welcome the public to the HortiDemoCentre and to share everything we have been learning the past few months on this journey of climate-smart horticulture. Be sure to join us...