The Greenhouse

Sustainable Development Goals - Creating jobs with climate-smart horticulture - HortiDemoCentre

Some of the technical features of the HortiDemoCentre includes

  • Drain water is recycled, but first disinfected by UV-C radiation using a Ridder Vitalite system.
  • Rainwater is harvested and storage is installed for 500 000 litres.
  • The pump room is part of the greenhouse and covered in double walled polycarbonate instead of greenhouse film.
  • Fertigation is the responsibility of the Ridder FertiMix unit, sized for the facility. Four fertiliser dosing channels provide various recipe options.
  • The greenhouse has a motorised shading system to protect crops against excess light levels.
  • A centre pathway of concrete provides easy access for crop cultivation and harvesting activities.
  • A bio-security entrance room helps maintain hygiene.
  • A safety rail on the two side gutters, 5m above ground, prevents falling during maintenance activities on the greenhouse.
  • IP net in the roof vents protects the crops against insect damage.