Consortium Partners

The partners offer knowledge and technology throughout the horticultural value chain: from seed to market, to develop together with South Africa farmers a good business case for production for high end markets in South Africa.

Delphy BV

The coordinating body in the project and has an organization and management role in the IC. Delphy has a growing track record in the setup of agricultural business and consultancy strategies in Africa, and therefore acknowledges the responsibility that comes with project initiation and product deliverables. Delphy takes responsibility for professional project management, maintenance and support of good partnerships, training services and consultancy, farm management and is involved in the search for financial tools and instruments for emerging farmers and young agricultural professionals.

Stellenbosch University (SUN)

The leading AgriScience faculty in Africa and well positioned in the South African horticultural sector. Due to its centrality in the sector’s landscape SUN will be able to open the HCoE to a wide variety of educational actors in South Africa to train teachers, potential farmers, agricultural experts, and advisors. This will in turn increase the network of the HCoE to reach further to the selected target groups where SUN is also well known. Being the only academic partner in the consortium, SUN will have a key-role in setting up scientific research monitoring and proving the results of the approach implemented by the consortium and contribute to the knowledge exchange activities.

Greener Solutions

South African greenhouse technology supplier which specializes in the supply of basic to high tech, large- and small-scale hydroponic greenhouses for the SADC region of Africa. Greener Solutions provides spare parts for the greenhouses and offers production support to the customers to help to ensure successful outcomes.

Ludvig Svensson

Ludvig Svensson

Specialises in greenhouse climate screens. Screens have a large impact on plant growth and development as it regulates abiotic factors in the greenhouse and improve quantity and quality of produce, hence resulting in an increased pay-off for farmers.


Ridder Group

Specialises in computerized greenhouse systems for climate regulation, notification, and registration. In the IC, Ridder provides the computerized system for the HCoE. Besides, the role of Ridder is also in education and training with a focus on training the trainers. Ridder offers an online training course with themed short courses as an instrument for knowledge exchange.

Ludvig Svensson

Rijk Zwaan

Specialises in vegetable seed breeding. Rijk Zwaan is a partner in the provision and supply of hybrid seeds compatible with the climatic circumstances and greenhouse conditions in the Western Cape. Showcasing carefully selected varieties is correlated with the agri-business components for future markets. Their added value within the consortium is their knowledge on quality seeds and varieties and their capacity to supply these items.



Specialises in sustainable cultivation solutions for food crops and ornamental plants. Biology is a growing solution for pest and disease management, or Integrated pest management (IPM). Within this project Koppert supplies a variety of biological control product for the greenhouse production system in the Western Cape.

Ludvig Svensson

Control Union

A family-owned certification and inspection company specialized in the quality control and risk management aspect from farming, post-harvesting until the end-consumer, by providing trainings to staff and farmers.